VMCTA Diploma Programme – September 2021

This is a full time, one-year programme developed and delivered by the Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts. All artists – from the enthusiast to the established – are welcomed to apply.

The programme focuses on geometry patterns and design, biomorphic (floral) ornamentation, colour harmony and decorative techniques, with applications in painting, woodwork, textiles, and ceramics within the rich art and architectural heritage of Pakistan

This Diploma Programme seeks to provide students with

  • a coherent programme of study at foundation level in the traditional arts
  • an introduction to practice and philosophy in the traditional arts
  • an engagement with local cultural heritage
  • basic skills in traditional craft and art that are transferable to other creative industries
  • an introduction to design skills in the arts and crafts

On successful completion of the Diploma, students will have acquired:

  • A transferable qualification in the traditional arts and crafts
  • A portfolio of work in traditional arts and crafts
  • Basic design skills
  • Experiencing initiating, planning, and completing a significant project
  • An understanding of the practice and philosophy of traditional arts and crafts
  • Basic skills in select crafts/traditional arts
  • Transferable practical and design skills
  • Experience of engaging with their cultural heritage
  • Presentation and communication skills
  • Organisation skills
  • The ability to keep and work with notebooks and logs
  • Studio etiquette and discipline
  • The ability to work independently and as part of a team


The course consists of inter-related modules that provide a sound foundation in design principles and skills application training of traditional arts and crafts of Pakistan and the surrounding regions. The curriculum is cross disciplinary and combines variety of teaching methods that will be employed as appropriate such as visual presentations drawing exercises, workshop activities, individual tuition, discussions, illustrated study guides and practical skills development.

Each module provides students with transferable skills that are reinforced as they are applied throughout the programme.

Benefits to students

This new Diploma Programme seeks to draw out the skills of both aspiring young artists and practicing professionals who are aiming to pursue or enhance a career in the field of art.

Open to those who have successfully completed grade 12/Intermediate/A Levels, this programme will help students to nurture their inherent creativity and identify potential career paths.

The students will be introduced to basic arts techniques and skills within the context of Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage. This programme will be led by skilled tutors trained by the School of Traditional Arts, London.

This programme will provide a foundation for those wishing to enrol in a degree programme in renowned arts institutes around the world. Dedicated Diploma students will build an excellent portfolio of visual research and practical creative output.

Practicing professionals such as architects, interior and exterior designers, product designers, art teachers, and crafts persons will have an opportunity to further develop their skills under the guidance of expert tutors from the School of Traditional Arts.

The diploma can serve as a CPD programme for teachers and other professionals, improving their employability and enhancing their creative contributions within the workplace.

High achievers emerging from the VMCTA Diploma Programme can apply for further studies at The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, London, as well as competitive art institutes worldwide.

Eligibility & Registration

  • Applicants must have cleared intermediate/ ‘A’ levels and be at least eighteen years old at the time of registration.  No previous art or design experience is required, although it will be advantageous.
  • Applicants will first be accessed on their portfolio, written answers to 4 questions in the application document, and their response to the “Inspired by Tradition” assignment.
  • Those passing the first stage will be invited to an interview at VMCTA.
  • The interviewing panel will consist of representatives from the Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts and the local team at VMCTA.
  • The top 20 candidates will be offered a place on the Diploma Programme with a waiting list of 5 candidates.
  • Once the offer has been accepted by the applicant, official enrolment is subject to payment of the course fees as per the scheduled fee structure.

Fee Structure

The total fee for the Diploma Programme is 240,000 rupees.

This includes the following:

Administration fee Rs. 15,000.00
Lab/workshop fee Rs. 25,000.00
Materials Fee Rs. 20,000.00
Fee for a total of two semesters Rs. 180,000.00 (Rs. 90,000/semester payable in advance)

Application Form

Please click here to fill in the form. To apply to join the VMCTA Diploma Programme (launching September 2021), please submit the following to info@vmcta.com.pk no later than 31st July 2021:


All candidates must submit a digital portfolio of 4-10 images of recent work, including at least 2 images from the “Inspired by Tradition” assignment. Images should be high quality. If you are invited for an interview, you will be asked to bring the pieces submitted as part of your digital portfolio.

Diploma Application Assignment

“Inspired by Tradition”

Choose one of the six images on the following pages and study the designs carefully. Make sketches and analyses, then produce your own piece inspired by what you have learned from this process.

Your piece may be in any medium but must clearly show how you have sought to understand principles such as: colour harmony, composition, geometry, and floral design.

This piece should be approximately A3 in size. Please take care to present your work professionally.

Please click here (insert Wetransfer) to submit your assignment. The email address to enter info@vmcta.com.pk

Important Dates

Applications must be received in full by 21st July 2021. Interview invitations will be extended as applications are received.

Successful applicants will be notified within 2 weeks of the interview. Classes will begin September 2021, exact dates to be confirmed.



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