Saman Ansari graduated with a distinction in Graphic design from the National College of Arts, Lahore and successfully completed her Diploma in Traditional Arts from the VM Centre of Traditional Arts, Karachi in 2019. Her work that spans over two decades includes design and photography assignments for multinational companies, hospitals and charitable foundations. She has been associated with initiatives of social-change in Pakistan as well as abroad. Her pro-bono assignments include establishing livelihood projects for differently-abled children.

Saman has a keen eye for patterns and their usage in design. Her final projects for the diploma at VMCTA were a combination of her love for Tezhip (illumination) and ceramics. Her innovation is the use of pure gold lustre in traditional ceramics. Saman has experimented with a variety of locally available glazes and stains. Her designs are inspired from the patterns of intricately designed domes of the mosques across Pakistan. She plans to develop decorative ceramics as objects d’art so that the traditional discipline is brought into contemporary interiors.

Saman’s future endeavours include conducting research so that more creative ceramic techniques can be developed using the traditional Kashi method as the basis.