Nooshin Shafiei began her career in Iran in the arts of woodcarving and marquetry under the supervision of Ostad Imamia and Ostad Mirtaibi, both Iranian masters of this craft. She has expanded her expertise to ceramics under the supervision of Ostad Kashi Trash, illumination with Ostad Mojarad Takestani, miniature painting miniature painting with Ostad Valiyan, metal engraving with Ostad Aminol Roaya, and weaving Ostad Raza Khoshkenaby. She was also fortunate to have worked under the supervision of Ostad Maheor ol Naghsh who was a renowned Iranian master of traditional geometric techniques.

Nooshin studied under the supervision of Iranian traditional masters and attained a BA in Handicrafts (Distinction), MA in Art Research (Distinction) and is pursuing a PhD in Traditional Arts at The Prince‘s School. During her studies, she received the Mohammad Abdul Latif Jameel Scholarship, the Farjam Foundation Scholarship, and the Albukhary Foundation Scholarship for Research. She has presented papers on her research at several symposia and seminars. Nooshin has over twenty years’ experience as a tutor. She is a popular teacher on PSTA’s Open Programme and has conducted workshops in Qatar, Istanbul, Baku, Malaysia, and Iran. She also exhibits her work both in the UK and internationally. In her own art practice, Nooshin strives to achieve peace and harmony and to develop her work to the highest levels. Nooshin’s design commissions include a mosaic for Barton and Trendworth Trust Garden Centre in Gloucester, and a mosaic wall panel for the Friendship Café in Gloucester and mihrabs for mosques in the UK, Malaysia, and Iran.