Nasreen Sadiq is the middle child of six sibling and was born and brought up in Hyderabad. She holds a bachelors degree but never formally pursued any art education. She absorbed a lot of art & craft from her mother and surrounding; like embroidery (ChaarSutti), flower making/decorative pieces and much more that the community around provided. Subsequently feeling the need and importance of a formal education, she went to Khana-e-Farhang to conduct a six-month course in textile design and a two-month course in flower making at M.A Rangoonwala Community Center, Hyderabad. This led to an interest in making handmade jewelry by using different kind of materials like Italian dough, beads and found objects but my copper wire jewelry was hugely appreciated.

Nasreen attended weeklong Traditional Art Workshops at the VMCTA Karachi and so decided to join the Diploma Programme at VMCTA. Nasreen now intends to take a step ahead and complete a master’s degree in Traditional Art.