Maryam Cheema is a multidisciplinary artist focused on empowering artisans, through arts and culture. She is an Acumen and ArtThink South Asia (ATSA) Fellow and holds a master’s degree in Multimedia Arts from National College of Arts (NCA), Lahore. Maryam has been working in the field of arts for the past fifteen years, practising in England, Europe and Pakistan.

Tajassus- تجسُس – curiosity – is her personal journey to explore the traditional arts. Her research and curiosity led her back to her hometown, Lahore, where the Tomb of Jahangir inspired her with its use of geometry: complex arrangements made with precise details to create perfect proportions of shapes and angles, reflecting the language of the universe and the greatness of creation.

In her work, she has created the geometric patterns taken from Jahangir’s Tomb using the Kashi Kari and slip casting porcelain techniques.

Maryum successfully completed diploma in traditional arts from the VMCTA in 2019.