Liaquat Ali Joyo successfully completed his diploma programme from the VM Centre of Traditional Arts in 2019. His interest in learning Islamic Traditional Arts and pursuing a career as a skilled art teacher brought him to Karachi from Hyderabad. Liaquat believes that he learnt a lot from this course in a short span of time and was very impressed with the curriculum and content taught at this course.

As Liaquat says; “This one-year programme has immensely increased my knowledge and skills in traditional arts. Before the introduction of this programme, I planned to join a bachelor’s course in Fine Arts but the appealing course outline of VMCTA diploma programme attracted my attention. Through this course, I have developed a strong interest in Ceramics.”

Liaquat aims to acquire even more formal qualification in the art of Ceramics. He wishes to have his very own Ceramics’ studio to practice and spread the knowledge about the Traditional Ceramics of Pakistan and he believes he is on the right track!