Shujauddin Khalifa is a teacher and fine artist with eight years of related work experience. He holds a BFA from the Visual Studies Department at Karachi University and started working with wood around the time he was eight. Wood became primary medium of his expression and a springboard for experimentation in metal and bone.
Khalifa actively seeks and absorb knowledge both theoretically and practically. His aim is to effectively transmit knowledge that he has gained to younger audiences and to equip them with the tools required for productive self-study.

The VMCTA Diploma programme has helped him better understand how designs are replicated and tessellated consistently. It has also helped him brush up his technical drawing and colour application techniques based on effective use of colour theory and tone. He learnt new things in addition to having revisited and thus reaffirmed prior knowledge.

Khalifa sees himself as both mentally and physically ready to tackle the Master’s programme at PFSTA. As well as sufficiently informed to be able to guide his students through the processes that he has spent time understanding and practicing.