Our class offers working space for up to 25 students at a time and is equipped with spacious desks, projector, bright sun light and air conditioning.


The studio space provides working space for each of the diploma students to work independently on their classwork assignments and projects. The studio space provides lockers and safe storage space to the students.

Workshop for Artists

The centre offers offer a fully functional workshop for the artists. The workshop shall be available for the students of the current year and to the alumni at a minimal charge. The workshop comprises of heavy-duty machinery for woodwork and ceramics and a working kiln.

Library Resources and Study Centre

The current year students can access the library and study centre throughout the year. However, the library shall be accessible by the alumni as well at a charge. The library is equipped with specific books related to the content of the diploma programme.

Materials Shop

The centre offers a material shop on the premises from where the students can purchase materials required for the short courses and diploma. On request of the students, the materials shop also sources materials from the UK and Turkey. These materials are sold to the students at purchase price. The materials shop serves current students, alumni and anyone who is interested in arts.

VM Art Gallery

The VM Art Gallery is a venue for art exhibitions and displays. The Gallery is fitted out to create intimate spaces for the display of traditional and contemporary art. There are three separate gallery spaces where VMCTA exhibits students work every year.