Indigenous Ceramic Kashikari Tile-making

Dates: 12th Feb – 16th Feb

Timings: 16:00 – 20:00

Instructor: Ghulam Hyder from PSTA, London

Fee: Rs. 12,500

Capacity of 12 students

There are 12 places available.

In this week-long course, students will learn how to make ceramic kashikari tiles using techniques indigenous to Pakistan. Students will become familiar with all stages of the process: using red clay to form a raw tile, shaping tiles according to geometric principles, white engobe preparation and application, grinding of copper and cobalt oxides, designing and transferring a motif, brush outlining and color filling, and glazing and firing process.

Participants will investigate both geometric and biomorphic patterns from the historic buildings of Pakistan and apply these patterns to their own kashi tiles. Class members will also contribute to a larger art piece which will be included at an exhibition at the VM Gallery in September 2018.