Curves and Composition

Dates: 5th Feb to 9th Feb

Timings: 16:00 – 20:00

Instructor: Lisa DeLong from PSTA, London

Fee: Rs. 10,000

Capacity of 12 students

In this week-long course, students will learn principles of composition and design that can be applied in diverse creative settings including textiles, ceramics and illumination.

Students will investigate how to compose beautiful biomorphic designs, drawing inspiration from a variety of historical sources. Participants will create their own floral and foliate compositions with techniques such as drop repeats, turnovers, geometric frameworks, and tessellation.

Throughout the course, participants will build a portfolio of visual research and design analysis. Progression drawings and a finished painting of their own original biomorphic composition will form part of this portfolio. Class members will also contribute to a larger art piece which will be included at an exhibition in the VM Gallery in September 2018.

Student Testimonials

Curves and Composition

Needs field trips and some extra time for work

Aliya Yousef

It’s an amazing and wonderful experience

Farah Navaid