Student Testimonials

Designing Khatai Motifs

Worth every minute-Learned a lot-Excellent demonstration of skills and knowledge

Samarah Tariq

Keen learner of sacred arts and looks forward to more- Course was amazing-overwhelmed by the great teachers visiting Pakistan

Ruqayya Faheem

Happy with the Fees- the timings- Output and results

Safia Bilal

Would like others to share same experience- the course should be turned into a proper diploma or degree courses

Rubeena Rajput

Geometry Six fold designs

The Course was very informative and detailed-Teachers are too good and very cooperative- looking forward to more programmes.

Hira Kamil

It needs to be marketed more to art students- loved to learn new skills- wants to enroll into more courses-already booked into more sessions- experience and the small details were very good.

Noureen Chagani

Geometry isn’t conceived in an interesting way by a common Pakistani but this helps us look at the wider picture- Amazing Experience

Omama Mehmood

Geometry: Breath of the Compassionate

Amazing Experience – excellent class – really like the way the teacher teaches

Fareeha Yousuf

The teachers and their knowledge is so great that anyone would want to come back-looking forward for more programmes, degrees and courses in traditional arts.

Memona Aly

Course was very comprehensive for 2 hours- tutor was excellent taught in a simple easy was- would like to see more of these courses – want to bring friends along- would like to take a course in ceramics as well as other traditional arts.

Shamama Hasany

Islimi and Brushwork

We were so excited about this collaboration – Please keep up this amazing work

Rabia Ghaznavi

I was an amazing experience – waiting for more classes

Naeema Yahya