Building Three Dimensions

Dates:   25th June to 29th June
Timings: 10:30 to 13:30
Fee:  Rs. 10,000 per adult (18+)
Rs. 5000 per child (12 to 18)
– Adults can attend the course without children
– A maximum of 2 children with a full paying adult.
Materials: The fee is inclusive of all materials.
Tutor: William Riding, from PSTA, London
Tutor Assistant: Ghulam Hyder, from PSTA, London
Certificate:  All students including the children will receive an attendance certificate

Explore pattern, structure and proportion in three dimensions – an excellent opportunity for budding architects and designers!

The Platonic Solids are a unique group of 3-D forms that have fascinated mathematicians, scientists and artists world-wide since ancient times. They not only relate to forms in the natural world, they also inspire traditional architecture and design.

They are fun and beautiful. Learn just some of many different ways to build these shapes by constructing your own models and collaborating with others on large structures. Discover how each method reveals something new and different and how each holds specific potential for creative application.

Student Testimonials

Building Three Dimensions

The VMCTA art experience was really fun. It helped me a lot with my art skills

Ibrahim Qutb

there should be bright colours in the classes

Syeda Khadija Qutb

My experience was marvellous

Alishbah Khan

I love the teacher

Syeda Hajra Qutub

It was good. I love to come over there because everytime we practice something else

Humaira Khan

It was very enjoyable and I learnt a lot

Syeda Shehzadi Nasir

I really loved the place & the facility

Qareena Hafeez

The teacher was very cooperative. I had some difficulty but teacher made it very easy to understand

Syeda Nameera Shahid