Eight Fold Rosette 13 Feb 2021

Rs. 1500

Course Outline Description: 

In this course we will begin with a single eight-fold rosette and learn to tesselate four of them into a square tile formation, allowing the internal pattern of stars and octagons to automatically emerge.  A variation of this tessellation can be found in the wall ornamentation at the shrine of Sachal Sarmast, in Daraza Sharif, Sindh. 

Date: 13th February 2021
Time: 11:00 am – 13:30 PST
Venue: Online Zoom Session
Tutor: Sana Habib
Fee: Rs. 1500 (for Pakistani students – this is a subsidised fee to promote learning of art and culture in Pakistan)
USD 25 (for foreign students)

Materials required for this course:

  1. Drawing paper – size a3 (since the pattern is tessellated a larger paper size is preferable)
  2. 2H or HB pencils
  3. Good quality compass
  4. 6- and 12-inch ruler and eraser
  5. Colour pencils or fine tipped marker for outlining.