Ancient Colour Palette

Dates:   3rd September 2018

Timings:  14:00 – 19:00

Age group:  18 and above

No. of participants:  10

Traditional earth and mineral pigments were seen as sacred and used in painting dating back to antiquity in all traditions throughout the world. Todays over 80% of artists palette is made of up of cheaper, vivid synthetic colours. Under expert tuition, participants will make their own water colour set containing of the four primordial colours of black, red, yellow and white. Once the paints have been made, participants will learn how these colours can be mixed to create a variety of harmonious colours to be creative with.

*The duration of the workshop: 5 hours (with no break but teas/coffees will be provided)

Materials for Students to bring with them:

  • Ruler, compass and a 2H and HB pencil
  • 2 per student of A2 watercolour paper/minimum 185g cartridge paper
  • 1 Palette per student (with divets to hold paint)
  • Round watercolour brushes for each student (a range would be preferable, but sizes 4 and 8 would be a minimum requirement)
  • Pencil Sharpeners & Erasers

Price: Rs.4000